Significant Minimum Wage Hikes Coming July 1st for Some California Cities

While the California statewide minimum wage remains $15.50, several municipalities will raise the applicable minimum wage effective July 1, 2023. These include:

·      City of Los Angeles, increasing to $16.78 (from $16.04)

·      County of Los Angeles, increasing to $16.90 (from $15.96)

·      Malibu & Santa Monica, increasing to $16.90 (from $15.96)

·      Pasadena, increasing to $16.93 (from $16.11)

·      West Hollywood, increasing to $19.08 (from $17/$17.50, depending on size)

·      San Francisco, increasing to $18.07 (from $16.99)

This list is not exhaustive. Additionally, the minimum wage for hotel workers will increase in Santa Monica ($19.73). Employers with remote workers should ensure that anyone performing remote work in an affected municipality must adhere to the municipality’s minimum wage.

Some local ordinances contain specific notice requirements. This includes posters in a conspicuous place at the worksite and may be required in multiple languages. Notices may be emailed to remote workers (we recommend a method to confirm receipt). Employers with questions about the applicable minimum wage or the notice requirements should contact us.


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