The Employment relationship is among the most important bonds in our lives. It impacts families, fuels economies and bring dreams to fruition. It stretches from a first paycheck until retirement, and from the moment a business opens its doors. But it is a fragile, complicated and regulated relationship, particularly in California.

At The Law Offices of Alex Craigie we exclusively practice Employment Law. We are there at the beginning, when offers are made. We are there to develop and implement policies. We are there when the Employment relationship is strained or breaks down. We negotiate and, when necessary, we marshal our decades of courtroom experience to fight for our client, You.


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    Court Holds Employment Applicants Not Entitled to Wages or Travel Costs For Pre-Employment Drug Test

    The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently held, in Johnson v. WinCo Foods Holdings, Inc., that WinCo job applicants were not entitled to pay for time Read All…

    California Agencies Fund Grant for Small Businesses with Employees on Paid Family Leave (PFL)

    The California Employment Development Department (EDD) administers Paid Family Leave (PFL), which provides eligible employees with up to 8 weeks of wage replacement benefits when an Read All…

    IRS Raises Mileage Reimbursement Rate, Which Can Be Important For Required Employee Reimbursement

    The California Labor Code (Sec. 2802) requires employers to reimburse employees for necessary expenses incurred in executing their job duties. A reimbursement obligation arises where an Read All…

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